Upcoming Trips

2020 Trip Information!
Vets With A Mission's 2020 Vietnam humanitarian medical team trip is in the planning stages. 

The team trip announcement will be on or about August 1, 2019.

If you have interest in joining a possible team trip in 2020, likely in March, please email Chuck Ward at vetswithamission@backroads.net or call him at 803-405-9926 to be placed on a team volunteer list for consideration.

Both medical/health and non-medical/health volunteers would be needed. Preference is given to Vietnam veterans. 


Vietnam vets served our country on land, sea and in the air to help the Vietnamese people. It was said, “We were the best and the brightest.” Well, we believe that is still true today. Vets return for a number of reasons including personal, religious/spiritual and humanitarian. Vets With A Mission is dedicated to reconciliation in helping Vietnam veterans and all veterans – even those of former South Vietnam, North Vietnam and the Viet Cong – to honor the past and embrace the future. Vietnam is no longer a war; it is a country. Since 1989 nearly 2,600 volunteers, both veterans and non-veterans, have traveled to Vietnam with VWAM. Now you can join us in making a difference in your life and the lives of others.
What do VWAM humanitarian teams do?
You do not have to be a medical-health professional to participate on a VWAM team. Medical teams usually work out of a previously built or sponsored VWAM clinic in Hue City, its suburbs, or rural areas in Thua Thien Hue Provinces. It could be in a Ward, Commune or District in the city or in a rural mountainous area. Vets With A Mission has a reputation for going to those places well off the beaten tourist path to help the most disadvantaged. Both health/medical volunteers and non-health/non-medical volunteers have opportunities to serve on each team, and Vietnam veterans are given preferred placement on teams. Previous team members are also given priority placement on a trip/team over first-time applicants. Non-veterans, who are not medical-health professionals, are also welcome to join a team! Approximately 35 volunteer positions are available on each team.

For additional information or to have any questions answered, please don’t hesitate to contact Chuck Ward, Executive Director, at 803-405-9926 or vetswithamission@backroads.net

Teams serve at a clinic VWAM built or sponsored, and each medical/health professional has an interpreter assigned to them. Medical/health professionals obviously do things like screening of patients (Nurses) and Patient examiners (Physicians, PA’s or NP’s, dentist or optometrist/ophthalmologists, PT’s etc.) see the patients. Pharmacists fill prescriptions and distribute supplies as well as canes, walkers, etc. Non-medical/health professionals maintain clinic security and order, assist in the flow and movement of patients at the clinic, serve in the pharmacy or patient registration, and fulfill other duties. There is a role for every team member volunteer to fill regardless of professional training or lack thereof!